Ziyad Raoof’s essay published in the book “protection of human rights in universal dimension”

In Poland there has just been released the book “protection of human rights in universal dimension. Axiology- institutions – new challenges- practice”. Ziyad Raoof- KRG Representative to Poland- is one of the author of this composite work.  His essay is entitled: “Kurdistan Region as an exceptional example of guaranteeing the rights of ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East”.

Ziyad Raoof presents in his text the principles and institutions which are the foundation of the system of guaranteeing the rights of ethnic and religious minorities in Kurdistan, which is not popular in the Middle East. KRG Representative noticed that the Middle East has fallen into a deep crisis, manifested by a very low level of protection of human rights. However, Kurdistan is an estimable exception. The uniqueness of the Kurdish human rights protection system is confirmed in the legislation, in the current constitution, as well as in the draft of the new constitution. The phenomenon of the Kurdish religious and ethnic mosaic for centuries has been completed by the preserved atmosphere of tolerance in their society and a number of institutions protecting minorities. Ziyad Raoof also reminded in his essay about Kurdish contribution to protection of human rights towards giving shelter to Iraqi Christians, refugees from Syria and IDPs from other Iraqi provinces controlled by ISIS. They did it despite the fact that 1,8 million refugees are an enormous burden for the infrastructure and the national budget and the fact that many Peshmerga fighters were killed on the front of the fight against ISIS.

The book “protection of human rights in universal dimension” is a result of the international conference “systems of protections of human rights” which took place on April 2016 in Warsaw.

This year there was held next edition of the conference. KRG Representative along with large number of professors and human rights experts participated in the event and he will be one of the authors of another book that will be published in 2018.