Ziyad Raoof talked about situation in Kurdistan Region at the “Kurdish Evening” organized by club “Colors of Democracy”

On September 3 in “Kolory cafe” in Krakow was held the meeting with Ziyad Raoof- KRG Representative in Poland organized by the club “Colors of Democracy”. There was a full house of scientists, students from Poland and Kurdistan, Kurdish diaspora and many other people interested in Kurdish and Middle-East issues.

Ziyad Raoof started „Kurdish Evening” with the lecture: “Iraqi Kurdistan and its role in the Middle East”. He presented briefly contemporary history of the country, from establishing of Kurdistan Regional Government, through the war in Iraq, to the adoption of a new constitution defining federal status of the state. KRG Representative stressed the special role that Iraqi Kurdistan has recently played. Peshmerga was a key force fighting ISIS, and the Kurds mitigated humanitarian crisis in the Middle East with a great sacrifice giving shelter to 1 800 000 refugees.

KRG Representative talked also about independence referendum in September 2017, invasion on Iraqi Kurdistan in October 2017 but also about the growing role of the Kurdistan Region after the parliamentary elections of May 2018 in Iraq. Ziyad Raoof ended his lecture with a conclusion that the role of Iraqi Kurdistan in the Middle East is constantly growing and without respecting its rights and complying with the Iraqi constitution, there is no chance for lasting peace in Iraq and the Middle East.

After Ziyad Raoof’ speech guests asked question, at the end there was a long discussion. Despite very different views on the role of the Kurds and the evaluation of their politics, the discussion passed off in a pleasant and cultural atmosphere, which is known for “colors of democracy.”