Ziyad Raoof spoke about the environment in Kurdistan at the EKOZAKOPANE 2017 Forum

Ziyad Raoof was a special guest at the expert forum in Zakopane devoted to environmental and energy issues in Poland and worldwide. He gave a speech and multimedia presentation entitled “The environment in Kurdistan Region- threats and positive phenomena”.

KRG Representative began his speech by stressing that the Kurdistan Region is area rich in wild nature and the independent Kurdistan wants to use this advantage and become not only friendly place to live but also attractive destination for tourists. In the next part of the lecture Ziyad Raoof talked about threats to the environment in Kurdistan:  effects of invasions of Iraqi army (landmines, chemical weapon contamination), small refineries operating outside the environmental standards, growing number of wastes and problem of air pollution.

Apart from enumerating threats, KRG Representative mentioned laudable initiatives concerning protection of the environment in Kurdistan like programmes of conservation of Persian Leopard and reintroduction of bears, large number of NGOs working in favor of nature protection and growing care about parks in the biggest Kurdish cities.

Ziyad Raoof also expressed the openness of the Kurdistan Region to benefit from Polish experience within the frame of the environment protection and readiness for cooperation with Polish companies from recycling, renewable energy and sewage treatment trades.

Participation in EKOZAKOPANE Forum was also a chance for Ziyad Raoof to meet the other important guests at the conference: members of parliament, representatives of regional authorities, ecologic organizations and entrepreneurs. The discussions in the expert group were accompanied by a rich cultural and exhibition program.