Ziyad Raoof’ speech in Polish Ethnological Society

On Monday, March 9, Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative in Poland gave a speech entitled: “Kurdistan – an oasis of peace in the unstable Middle East” in Krakow branch of Polish Ethnological Society.

During the lecture, which was completed with pictures of Kurdistan and multimedia presentation, KRG Representative told about history of Kurds and Kurdistan Region in 20th and 21st  century. He explained why Kurdistan Region deserved to be named “an oasis of peace”  speaking about stable democracy, religious tolerance and maintaining good relations with neighboring countries and regional powers.

Gathered guests listened to the speech with interest and later asked many questions. Polish Ethnographic Society associates scientist connected with ethnography and cultural studies. However, the meeting was open, not only scientists, but also people interested in Kurdish issues and representatives of the Kurdish diaspora participated in it.