Ziyad Raoof on situation in Kurdistan, independence referendum and support for Peshmerga during the meeting with Deputy Marshal of Polish parliament and leader of Kukiz 15 political party.

Ziyad Raoof  KRG Representative to Poland met on Monday in the seat of Polish parliament with Stanisław Tyszka- Deputy Marshal of Polish Parliament and Paweł Kukiz- leader of Kukiz 15, which is the third biggest party in parliament.

Ziyad Raoof started meeting with presenting the situation in the Middle East and in the Kurdistan Region, discussing the ongoing ISIS war and the key role of the Peshmerga in defeating terrorists, as well as the prolonged humanitarian crisis that severely affected Kurdistan Region. Ziyad Raoof also reminded about two important initiatives that KRG Representation would like to carry through Polish parliament: petition into recognition of Anfal as a genocide and petition into recognition of ISIS crimes on Yazidis as a genocide. Ziyad Raoof handed politicians two legal expertise’s published by KRG Poland: “Legal qualification of the Anfal operation” and “Legal qualification of crimes committed by ISIS agains Yazidis”.

Stanisław Tyszka and Paweł Kukiz declared their support for Kurdistan Region and Kurds in hard times. They promised to involve in convincing Polish MPs of recognizing both acts of genocide. Ziyad Raoof and representatives of the Kukiz 15 ‘decided that the occasion for a joint action on this issue would be the turn of July and August, when both the victims of the Anfal and the massacres of the Yazidis are commemorated.

During the meeting there have been also discussed necessity of Polish military support for Peshmerga, as many other countries have done it. Deputy Marshal and leader of Kukiz 15’ stressed their admiration for bravery and sacrifice of Kurds. Ziyad Raoof also informed interlocutors about upcoming referendum in Kurdistan and subsequent highly-probable proclamation of independence, revealing that many countries have already expressed their approval of that decision. Stanisław Tyszka and Paweł Kukiz also declared their support for aspirations of Kurdish nation.

The opportunity for the meeting was international conference on human rights organized in the seat of Polish parliament. Ziyad Raoof is one of the participants of the event, he gave a speech about Anfal genocide and he also had a series of meetings with politicians, human rights activists and representatives of academic circles.