Ziyad Raoof honorary guest of voluntary service gala in Lublin

On December 4, Center of Voluntary Service in Lublin organized gala “Volunteer of the year 2018”. Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative in Poland was honorary guest of the event and gave the main award to the team of volunteers who organized charity campaign “kotek Marysi”. It was a very broad reach and innovative action for Marysia, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl from Lublin suffering from malignant cancer.

During the speech at the gala Ziyad Raoof thanked winners and all volunteers for their selfless devotion and thanked father Mieczysław Puzewicz for inspiring to persistent work for those in need. Ziyad Raoof appealed to the experience of Kurdistan, where also thanks to the work of volunteers from around the world, 1.8 million refugees found shelter and protection. KRG Representative reminded that support for them is still needed, because due to the instability in Iraq and the threat of Shiite militia, the majority of refugees can not return to their homes.

Upon request of organizers Ziyad Raoof spoke also about current situation in Kurdistan. He mentioned last year’s independence referendum, later invasion of Iraqi army and Shiite militia on Kurdistan, but also about the ongoing warming on the Erbil-Baghdad line and the hope of resolving disputed issues. At the same time, KRG Representative stressed that this does not mean abandoning the Kurdish independence aspirations by the nation, and the inspiration for the Kurds is also the fate of Poland, which this year celebrates the centenary of independence. The Poles also lived under the partition for a long time, they had to fight for freedom, defend their culture and language and ultimately succeeded in achieving the goal. The Kurds also dream about it.

After the event Ziyad Raoof gave interviews to local media.