Ziyad Raoof at the meeting with entrepreneurs and local government officers in Lublin

KRG Representative in Poland was invited by Lublin Business Club to the “diplomatic coffee”. This is a series of periodic meetings of foreign diplomats with entrepreneurs from Lublin aimed at promoting new directions of foreign investment.

Ziyad Raoof gave a speech supported by multimedia presentation entitled: “Kurdistan Region and its huge potential for economic cooperation”. KRG Representative presented basic facts about Kurdistan Region, the most important facts from contemporary history of Kurdistan and present political situation. The most important part of the meeting was presentation of the Kurdish economy. Ziyad Raoof talked about favorable investment climate and economic revival that began a few months ago. KRG Representative presented in details sectors of Kurdish economy which are particularly interesting for Polish investors: oil and gas, agricultural and tourist. He also reminded that businessmen from Lublin can take advantage of blazed trail in investments because Polish-Kurdish economic and political relations have been successfully developing for many years.

Apart from businessmen, the event was also attended by journalists (Ziyad Raoof gave interview for radio “Plus”) and representatives of local government interested in cultural cooperation.