Ziyad Raoof at the meeting and discussion about Kurdistan at the University of Warsaw

On Tuesday, 12 December Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative to Poland was guest of the meeting at the University of Warsaw organized by student association “Academic Observatory Atena”. The event held in the “old library” of the University of Warsaw was attended by several dozen of participants: students, representatives of academic circles and the other guests interested in Kurdish issues.

The event started with Ziyad Raoof’s speech enriched with multimedia presentation. He familiarized guests with history of Kurds and Kurdistan in 20th century as well as genesis and legal grounds of Kurdistan Regional Government. In the second part of the speech KRG Representative presented deepening differences in development, stability, law and order between Kurdistan Region and Iraq. He listed examples of violating constitution by government in Baghdad. Ziyad Raoof explained that this led to a common belief among the Kurds about the need to separate from Iraq, which was reflected in the independence referendum. In the last part of the speech KRG Representative told about September independence referendum, Iraqi invasion of Kurdistan and results of it. After the speech and presentation guest had a chance to pose questions and discuss with Ziyad Raoof.