Ziyad Raoof at the „Integration town” in Lublin- speech about Kurdistan and receiving the title: “guide to life”

Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative to Poland was a guest at the “Integration town”. This is an annual festival organized in Lublin, which is attended by several hundred young people from around the world to get to know each other, share experiences and meet important and interesting personalities. The event is organized by priest Mieczysław Puzewicz and the Volunteer Center in Lublin.

KRG Representative in Poland had a speech entitled “on the road to the independence” and presentation with pictures from Kurdistan. Ziyad Raoof began by introducing the history of Kurdistan from the ancient times, through the partition of Kurdistan after the First World War, to modern times – the independence referendum on September 2017 and the May general elections in Iraq. He also spoke about the rich history, culture, beautiful nature of Kurdistan, as well as Kurdish tolerance and protection of refugees and Christians persecuted in other parts of Iraq. He also mentioned the Kurds’ never-ending hope for independence and why this goal could ultimately come true. After the speech, he answered numerous questions asked by the gathered youth.

At the end of his participation in the “Integration Town” Ziyad Raoof was honored by the participants, organizers of the meeting and the Global Solidarity Association with the title “Guide to life” given to “people who can act as lifelong guides through their attitudes and actions”. Ziyad Raoof received the title in recognition of “a long-term activity promoting friendship and multidirectional cooperation between the Polish and Kurdish nations, for life energy and passion for achieving goals, for helping in discovering what is unknown and beautiful in another culture”. There has been also written in laudation:Ziyad Raoof 40 years ago was forced to leave his country, he found a new home in Poland, never forgetting his homeland. Love for Kurdistan made him promote the culture and art of his nation and act actively in defense of the economy, science and higher education. Love for Poland made him take care of monuments, broadly support artistic initiatives, promote talents. The sympathy for people not weakened through life experiences has allowed him to find numerous friends in many environments and he is still inclined to undertake new initiatives. It is a living proof that an immigrant with a baggage can strongly grow into a new place, becoming a significant and creative member of the new community, and at the same time an ambassador of his homeland”. Many famous figures like Ryszard Kapuściński, Władysław Bartoszweski or Małgorzata Chmielewska get a title of “Guide to Life” in recent years.