Ziyad Raoof at 3rd International Asian Congress about the key role of Kurdistan in European and Middle Eastern security system

Torun, Poland – on May 20, 2016 Ziyad Raoof, the KRG Representative in Poland took part in the 3rd International Asian Congress. In the event took part the representives of diplomatic corps, ministry of foreign affairs, Polish politicians and researchers. The congress is a platform to exchange views about international relations and situation in European and Asian countries.

Ziyad Raoof had a speech entitled “Iraqi Kurdistan and its role in Middle Eastern and European security”. The Representative stressed that today the Kurds play the key role in the regional security system, because they undertook the burden of the most important problems of the Middle East and they protect not only the region but also Europe from aggravation of the crisis. Ziyad Raoof recalled that the Kurdistan Regional Government received more than 1.8 million refugees, and Kurdish Peshmerga fight against ISIS on the ground. In addition, Iraqi Kurdistan is a stabilizing factor in the region, because there is a democracy, respect of the ethnic and religious minorities rights and the authorities provide a peaceful and stable foreign policy.

KRG representative appealed to Europe and the world to help Kurds to continue their stabilizing process in the region, and to military support Peshmerga, to provide humanitarian aid to refugees and to support the Kurdistan Regional Government in facing the financial crisis.

At the inaugural panel also took part ambassadors of: Uzbekistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and North Korea. Ziyad Raoof also spoke to them in person as well as to others invited guests.

International Asian Congress 19.05.2016 Photo Lukas Antczak (68)