Ziyad Raoof at 28th edition of the international conference „Economic Forum”

On September 4-6, 2018 took place 28th edition of the Economic Forum in Krynica. Three-days event was one of the biggest and the most important conference in the East-Central Europe. It was attended by prime-ministers, ministers, politicians, businessmen, scientists, experts from Poland, Europe, Asia, Africa and US. This year record number of guests took part in the Economic Forum- around 4000. As every year among invited guests was also Ziyad Raoof- KRG Representative in Poland who participated in discussion panel and met many important personalities.

He spoke among others with Minister Beata Kempa, dr Wojciech Wilk-Head of Polish Center for International Aid and Janina Ochojska-Head of Polish Humanitarian Action about support for refugees in Kurdistan. He discussed the Polish-Kurdish relations with the representatives of all parties in Polish parliament present at the Forum and also met entrepreneurs interested in investing in Kurdistan.

On the third day of the Economic Forum Ziyad Raoof participated in discussion panel: “The Middle East: a Gordian Knot, or a Ground of Superpowers’ Confrontation?”. The discussion among experts from Poland, Kurdistan, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus turned out to be very interesting, much attention was paid to Kurdish issues. Not only due to Ziyad Raoof’ speech but also because of moderator- dr Sasha Toperich, vice-head of American think-tank Transatlantic Leadership Network, who is full acquainted with Kurdish issues. During the panel there have been brought up topics like: building of democratic institutions in Kurdistan, war against ISIS, upcoming parliamentary elections. Ziyad Raoof also mentioned last year’ independence referendum. In his opinion lack of support for this idea by Western democracies was a mistake because the world would gain credible and predictable partner that protect multi-ethnic and multi-religious society.