Ziyad Raoof about independence referendum at the meeting with Kurdish diaspora

After important visit in Brussels and European Parliament paid by president Masoud Barzani and members of referendum committee, KRG Office in Poland organized on July 18 special meeting with diaspora from Iraqi Kurdistan devoted to independence referendum. The event was also attended by Mrs Rezan Yousif, first secretary of Iraqi embassy in Poland.

Ziyad Raoof started meeting with bringing back president Barzani’s speeches during recent visit in Europe. He listed reason why Kurds decided to make referendum. He noticed that the Kurds in Iraq could no longer pursue their goals, and that all previous models of coexistence within Iraq had failed. However, KRG Representative reminded that referendum does not mean immediate declaration of independence. It will proceed peacefully, in dialogue with Baghdad, neighboring countries and international community.

Ziyad Raoof told guests about Polish reactions on referendum. He summarized that in private conversations members of parliament declare support or neutrality towards independence, but Polish ministry of foreign affairs is against it. According to them it will provoke another war.

After Ziyad Raoof’ speech there was discussion among guests. Apart from voices supporting referendum some of Kurds expressed opinion that it is not right time for voting because of the lack of consensus in Kurdistan as well as difficult political and economic situation. KRG Representative replied that Iraqi Kurds do not have better option now and that temporary problems are occurring in every country undergoing transition. He emphasized that Kurdistan Regional Government do its best to overcome difficulties, fight with corruption, improve financial situation of Kurds and reactivate parliament without any preliminary conditions.

Ziyad Raoof summed up the meeting saying that consensus among the people would guarantee the successful  transition of the Kurds through this difficult time and it is worth to work for the success of the referendum.