Video conference with newly appointed Polish ambassador in Iraq

Staff of KRG Representation in Poland headed by Ziyad Raoof took part in online meeting with Marcin Kubiak- new Polish ambassador in Iraq who is going to take the role in Baghdad in coming weeks.

The event was organized by Polish National Chamber of Commerce and the main aim of the conference was discussion about possibility of expanding economic cooperation between Poland, Kurdistan Region and Iraq. In the event also took part leadership of Polish National Chamber of Commerce, former Polish ambassadors in Iraqi (Stanisław Smoleń and Krzysztof Płomiński), representative of the ministry of development, secretary of Iraqi embassy in Poland and a group of Polish entrepreneurs. 

Ambassador Kubiak started the conference presenting information about current condition of the Iraqi market. He stressed the fact the Poland is going to expand contacts with chambers of Commerce in Erbil, Sulaimani, Baghdad and Basra. He also emphasized the important role of Kurdistan Region in the cooperation, named by the ambassador as “a bridgehead for Polish further activities in Iraq”. He also talked about the importance of scientific cooperation. Former Ambassador Stanisław Smoleń engaged to involve in the new project of food industrial zone in Duhok. 

KRG Representative Ziyad Raoof also took the voice during the conference. He encouraged Polish authorities and entrepreneurs to focus on cooperation with Kurdistan on the field of agriculture and food industry which is a top priority for this KRG cabinet. Ziyad Raoof also mentioned about problems in visa procedures for Kurds planning to visit Poland which is obstacle in the cooperation. KRG Representative in Poland declared that KRG office is always open for those who want to establish or strengthen cooperation with partners in Kurdistan.

In the next part of the conference Polish entrepreneurs from companies representing different sectors (medical, agriculture, machine industry) asked questions regarding business cooperation. 

Polish ambassador in Iraq and National Chamber of Commerce declared that when epidemic situation will improve, preparations for new trade missions to Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan will be restarted.