Victims of Anfal and Yezidi genocide have been commemorated in Warsaw

In the anniversary of Anfal Barzani, Kurdistan Regional Government Representation in Poland organized in Foksal Press Center in Warsaw special event marking Barzani tribe and all Kurds killed during Anfal, chemical bombing of Halabja as well as genocide of Yezidi people. Meeting entitled „Anfal and other acts of genocide: different circumstances, one nature” consisted of screening of two documentary movies, scientific seminar as well as concert of Kurdish music.

Celebrations were attended by representative of Polis ministry of foreing affairs, diplomatic corps, journalists, Kurdish diaspora and many Polish people who wanted to know more about Anfal genocide.

The event began with welcoming speech given by Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative in Poland and a minute of silence in honor of the victims of Anfal, Yezidi genocide and Peshmerga killed during the war against terrorism. Then guests watched documentary movie about Anfal produced by KRG Office in Poland. In the film Yousif Azeez from Barzani tribe whose all male members of family were murdered had his say as well as professor Ireneusz Kamiński, expert in the field of the international law.

Main point of the event was scientific seminar consisting of two parts. The first one was devoted to Anfal. At first, professor Ireneusz Kamiński in the speech entitled „what was the Anfal in view of the international law?” explained why crimes committed on Kurdish people can be classified as a genocide and told about legal possibilities of prosecuting perpetrators.

In another speech Ziyad Raoof mentioned activities of KRG Poland in favor of popularizing in Poland the truth about genocide of Kurdish people, among others publishing legal expertize about Anfal, leading to cooperation between KRG ministry of Anfal and State Museum Auschwith Bikrenau regarding sharing of experience in terms of maintenance, preservation and archiving of evidences of genocide as well as educational policy. There was also submitted petition in Polish parliament about recognition of Anfal as a genocide. Ziyad Raoof reminded that unfortunately this initiative was blocked by Polish ministry of foreign affairs. In the third speech dr Renata Kurpiewska-Korbut told about reaction of international community and explained why the world reacted tardily to the fact of genocide of Kurdish people.  Information about Anfal made a great impression on the Polish audience of the seminar. They asked many questions about the circumstances of the crime and they were also interested in the current situation in Kurdistan.

Between two discussion panels there was screening of the second documentary movie devoted to dr Osman Ahmed Qadir, Kurdish artist documenting Anfal genocide on his drawings and sculptures. The film made a big impression on the audience.

The second part of the seminar was devoted to the other acts of genocide like Holocaust, Armenian Genocide, Yezidi Genocide, Massacre in Srebrenica. Sergiusz Kowalski from Jewish Bnai Brith Organization focused in his speech on the concern for memory about genocide and the fight against voices that deny or reduce crimes.

At the end dr Artur Rodziewicz gave a lecture about Yezidi genocide entitled „the endless tragedy” he spoke about reasons and course of genocide and presented statistics. He also reminded that the drama of Yezidis continues until today, as hundreds of them are still in ISIS captivity.

The seminar ended with an important conclusion: although the analyzed cases of genocide had different circumstances and causes, their face is the same, it is a crime against humanity. At the end of the event was a concert of Kurdish music and refreshments.