trip to Kurdistan 2014

We invite you to read an article in the latest issue of the magazine from the Jagiellonian university called “Alma Mater” about a trip to Kurdistan by a group of Polish students. The organization and financial support of the trip was held by the Kurdistan Regional Government and the office of the Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Poland.

The KRG Representative to Poland, Ziyad Raoof had offered to organize the trip as a prize for the best project that provided the best marketing strategy of Erbil as the capital of Arabian countries in 2014. While being in Kurdistan the students had the possibility to meet with the representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government, academic circles and other authorities, see the life of refugees in the region and get closer to the culture and traditions of the Kurds.

More information about the trip together with the opinions of the students, the teacher who came with them dr. Marta Najda- Janoszka and Ziyad Raoof can be found in the files attached. google twitter

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