The tree „Krakow” planted in Kurdistan on the occasion of centenary of Polish independence

This year Polish national day was celebrated also in Kurdistan Region. On the occasion of centenary of Polish independence in Erbil, in the Minaret Park there was planted a tree- Ligustrum Ludicum. It was named “Krakow” for the historical capital of Poland, the city where Polish-Kurdish close relations has begun.

In 1991 Krakow was the first Polish city that organized humanitarian convoy and medical mission for Kurdish civilians who fled to the mountains from cruelty of Saddam Hussein’ army. One year later in Krakow was established Association of Polish-Kurdish Friendship renamed later: Kurdish Center for Information and Documentation. In Krakow there is Jagiellonian University- the first Polish university which has signed cooperation agreements with Kurdish Universities. A dozen Kurdish student have already graduated from Jagiellonian University and hold important positions in Kurdistan. Since 2011 Kurdistan Region and Malopolska Region have been cooperating within the frame of official agreement.

Initiators of planting the tree “Krakow” were KRG Representation in Poland and Association of Kurdish-Polish Friendship , founded in 2016 by Kurds who graduated from Polish universities and maintain close ties with Poland.

The celebrations were given a high rank, attended by representatives of KRG Department of Foreign Relations, deputy-governor of Erbil, Head of Erbil Provincial Council Ali Rashid, Head of Barzani Charity Foundation, representatives of Kurdistan Chamber of Commerce and Ziyad Raoof- KRG Representative in Poland. Polish authorities were represented by Dominik Musiał- Head of Consular Agency of the Republic of Poland and staff of the Consulate. There were also present Polish families living in Kurdistan.