Statement on the 5th anniversary of Yezidi genocide

On Saturday, August 3, we mark very painful anniversary. 5 years ago, August 3 2014, terrorists from so called Islamic State committed genocide of Yezidi. Although ISIS was finally driven out by the Peshmerga and the international coalition, the ordeal of Yezidi continues.

It is still not possible to free all Yezidi women and children, who were massively kidnapped by terrorists becoming the object of trade, victims of sexual violence and forced conversion to Islam. The mass graves of Yezidi murdered in 2014 are still being discovered. Thousands of Yezidi still live in refugee camps in the Kurdistan Region, being afraid of returning to their cities and villages, from which shia militia drove out legally elected authorities.

Those who came back are living in constant fear. In June acts of deliberate arsoning arable lands spread out in Iraq, 70% of farmland in Shingal burned down.


5 years after the genocide Yezidi still need help.

  • We appeal to the members of Polish parliament to once again process the petition to recognize ISIS crimes on Yezidi as a genocide. The petition was submitted in August 2016, it received a positive legal opinion from Bureau of Research of Chancellery of Polish parliament, later it was sent to the parliamentary committee for petitions, but there was no consent to the text of the possible resolution and the petition remained at the committee stage. Meanwhile, recognizing crimes against Yazidi as genocide would be a symbolic but strong expression of Polish solidarity with persecuted Yezidis
  • We appeal to Polish MPs from the European Parliament to act on the forum of this institution for the memory of Yezidi and to exert political pressure by the EU authorities to stabilize the situation in Shingal so as to Yezidi could return to their homes.
  • We appeal to Polish humanitarian organizations to continue humanitarian and development aid for Yezidi. At the same time we thank for foregoing support for them.
  • We appeal to Polish media to remind public opinion in Poland about the tragedy of Yezidi.


Ziyad Raoof

The Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Poland