Statement of Ziyad Raoof- KRG Representative to Poland- after Iraqi attacks on Shingal, Nineveh and Khanaqin

Day after the events in Kirkuk, the Iraqi army and the Shia militia made another unlawful annexations. After the attack on Peshmerga, Shingal, Khanaqin and significant areas of Nineveh Province were captured.

More than three years after tragic affairs in Shingal and Nineveh, when ISIS terrorists committed genocide crime on Yezidis and mass murders on Christians, another drama in these lands is just happening. Shia militia is entering now on this sensitive area. Hashd al-Shaabi is beginning to show its true face: Peshmerga soldiers killed in Kirkuk were beheaded, in captured cities and villages defenseless civilians- Kurds, Christians, Yezidi, Sunnis- are terrorized and displaced.

For centuries these lands have been an oasis of peaceful coexistence of all faiths. The oldest Christian communities and the most important Yazidi temples were founded there. After the ISIS attack and mass murders committed on religious minorities, in November 2015 the Kurds at the sacrifice of many victims, without any support from the Iraqi army, regained Shingal, repelled counter-attacks of terrorists. Peshmerga protected refugees and provided humanitarian aid. Today, after being displaced from Shingal and Nineveh, they lose the ability to protect a multicultural mosaic that is in great danger under the control of Iraqi troops and Shiite militias.

Attack on Shingal is also very bad news for Western governments that keep disturbing indifference to affairs on Iraqi-Kurdish borderland. Hashd al-Shaabi operating under Iranian orders is finalizing plan of establishing “Shia crescent” on the Middle East from Iran, through Iraq, Syria to Liban. If the international “anti-terrorist” coalition will not take decisive steps to stop Baghdad’s actions and start supporting the Kurds who have just captured the ISIS capital in Raqqa on the other side of the border, the whole effort of the West will be annihilated.
This fact has been already noticed by many Western politicians and journalists, among others the Wall Street Journal, which warn in today editor: “abandoning the Kurds to an Iraq-Iran Shiite alliance would only deepen U.S. losses in Iraq”.