Statement by the KRG Representative in Poland on the 6th anniversary of Yazidi Genocide

On August 3, 2014 terrorists from so called Islamic State invaded Kurdistan Region and took over Shingal beginning genocide of Yazidis. According to United Nations statistics 5,000 people were murdered. However, total number of the victims is unknown, as mass graves are still being discovered. According to statistics by Kidnapped Yazidis Rescue Office operating in Duhok, 6417 Yazidis were abducted.

Six years later, the suffering of the Yazidis continues. Primarily because many of them are still in captivity; women sexually abused, children indoctrinated by Islamic fanatics.

Kidnapped Yazidis Rescue Office (data from July 2020) informs that 2878 Yazidis remain in ISIS captivity. The Kurdistan Regional Government, Yazidi non-governmental organizations and the families of the abductees are trying to find and buy out the abductees. In this way, 3,345 people have already been released. However, the high number of Yazidis held in captivity is strong evidence that ISIS has not been defeated and is a constant threat.

The tragedy of the Yezidis is also the impossibility to return to their homes. Shingal is still in ruins, and the destruction has deepened in recent months. Yezidi areas are used by various paramilitary groups that do not recognize legally chosen administration, Shingal became the target of Turkish bombings, which are also carried out throughout the Kurdistan Region areas near the border with Turkey.

Yazidis deprived of a chance to return home are in refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurdistan Regional Government provides shelter and safety to all, but international assistance is highly needed. Especially now, when there are not enough resources to fight the coronavirus epidemic and test infected people.

On August 3, the day officially dedicated in the Kurdistan Region to commemorate the victims of the genocide of 2014, we would like to remind that without the involvement of the international community, it will not be possible to change the fate of Yazidis.

We address the appeal also to Poland. The country that has been involved for years in humanitarian assistance on the Middle East, which is member of NATO and international coalition of countries fighting with ISIS.

We ask for humanitarian aid to refugees, for support in the release of those held by terrorists, for a commitment to rebuild Shingal and to finally defeat the ISIS fanatics who continue to threaten the Yazidis.