Russian deputy minister of foreign relations visited Kurdistan

On January 29, Mikhail Boghdanov visited Kurdistan Region. He is deputy minister of foreign relations and also the Russian president’s representative for Middle East and Africa. In Erbil Mr. Boghdanov met with the highest authorities: president Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, deputy prime minister Qubad Talabani and head of department of foreign relations Safeen Dizayee. 

During the meetings both sides stressed the importance of efforts aimed at deescalating tensions in the wider region. Both sides also underlined that Iraq should not become a battleground for disputes and rivalries among regional and global powers. Mikhail Boghdanov also spoke with Kurdish leaders about relations between Erbil and Baghdad and efforts to designate new Iraqi prime minister. 

The situation in Syria was also discussed, especially in the context of Kurds and their role in the country, as well as the fight against terrorism.