Projection of the movies about Kurdistan and meeting with Ziyad Raoof

On Wednesday, February the 25th the Krakow’s cultural center “Judaica Foundation,” held an evening dedicated to Kurdistan where films about Kurdistan were shown and a meeting with Ziyad Raoof, the Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Poland took place.

The meeting began with welcoming words from the Director of the “Judaica Foundation” Joachim Russek to the KRG Representative and numerous guests, including the representatives of the Kurdish diaspora. The director who has known Ziyad Raoof for many years, greeted him with warm words and called him “a man of success”, who has a lot of respect for Polish culture and tradition. In response Ziyad Raoof said that openness and respect for others is a common feature of all Kurds.

After the greetings two films devoted to Kurdistan were shown. “The Kurds, a nation without a country” directed by Krzysztof Krzyżanowski, is a report that was created during the Kurdish Culture Festival in 2003 in Krakow. In this film the Kurds living in Poland, Ziyad Raoof, the Representative of the KRG as well as the most prominent Polish scientists involved in the studies of Kurdistan bring closer the history and current situation of Kurdistan to the viewers. The second film by Brian Scott was created as part of the television series “ethnic climates”. He showed the Kurdish culture: food, music and celebration of Newroz, which was described in front of the cameras by Kurdish students studying in Poland.

After the showing of the films there was a discussion about Kurdistan with Ziyad Raoof. The KRG Representative answered numerous questions from the guests about the current situation in the Middle East and the Kurdistan Region, as well as about Kurdish customs and traditions, respect for women’s rights and religious tolerance in Kurdistan.

The meeting in “Judaica Foundation” was held within the monthly festival “Others are also us”, which aims to promote tolerance and understanding in Poland for different cultures. Throughout February different meetings devoted to the representatives of national and ethnic minorities living in Poland were organised. On Wednesday, February the 25th the meeting was also devoted to the Afghans.