President Masoud Barzani along with independence referendum committee visited Brussels

On July 11 Kurdish delegation paid important visit in Brussels. Delegation was headed by President Masoud Barzani and it also included other KRG officials as well as members of referendum committee representing different political parties, ethnic and religious group in Kurdistan.

First point of the programme was meeting with Belgian authorities, among others with Jean Jambon deputy prime minister and Geert Bourgeois, Minister-President of the Flanders region. Jambon told journalists after the meeting that “Every people, every nation has the rights to organize its future, and I think this is a step upwards for the future of the Kurds “, minister Bourgeois added: “results of the referendum should be respected”.

Then Kurdish delegation arrived to the European Parliament where they had a meeting with MPs including EP group “Friends of Kurdistan” headed by British MP Charles Tannock. In the headquarters of EP foreign representatives of Kurdistan Regional Government also joined the meeting. Masoud Barzani appealed to European leaders that even if they do not support referendum “at least not be hostile”. President also explained reasons that decided to organize referendum this autumn. He emphasized that “Referendum is for independence”, but “after the referendum, we start dialogue with Baghdad”.

In the evening president Barzani and referendum committee had a special meeting with KRG representatives abroad. There were shared views on mobilizing international support for referendum in Kurdistan. Participants of the meeting also discussed technical details of voting.