How to end war in Syria? – Ziyad Raoof for „Wiadomości” TVP1

Ziyad Raoof the KRG Representative in Poland on December 15, 2015 appeared in “Wiadomości” the most popular news program in Poland on Publish Television Channel 1. Ziyad Raoof’s statement concerned the war in Syria and the situation in the Middle East. Paweł Szot, the TVP journalist presented a material about the opportunities to end this conflict due John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov talks in Moscow and the third round of talks of world powers on Syria which will be held in Vienna soon.

The journalist pointed that „officially US and Russia have a common goal: defeat so called Islamic State. However, they remain apart on the role of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad”. Paweł Szot reminded also the role of Kurds in this conflict and named them as “the key player”, who defended themselves from ISIS, have created autonomy and now their forces threaten the city of Raqqa, capital of the caliphate.

In this Kurdish context, Ziyad Raoof, according to the KRG official stance pointed out in his statement that in order to end war is Syria the cooperation between US, Russia as well as the regional powers is needed.

Link to the program is available here (only in Polish). google twitter

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