Ziyad Raoof about Kurdistan, Middle East and Poland in the evening broadcast in TOK FM radio station

On Wednesday 27th January Ziyad Raoof- the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government to Poland was hosted by journalist Paweł Sulik in his broadcast „non-Polish point of view” during the evening in TOK FM Radio Station.

The conversation conducted in a very cordial atmosphere concerned the current political and social issues, as well as reflections on the Kurdish and Polish culture and history.

Ziyad Raoof began by explaining TOK FM listeners principles of functioning of the KRG representations abroad and also mentioned the tasks carried out by the Polish KRG office. He also talked about the ongoing preparations in the Kurdistan Region to hold a referendum for independence and about relationships between Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkey. Ziyad Raoof emphasized that mutual relations develop successfully, asked about the ongoing conflict in Turkish Kurdistan he recalled the consistent position of the Kurdistan Regional Government that both sides should return to the peace talks. KRG Representative also reminded about signed 100 years ago Sykes-Picot treaty. This is the genesis of an unfair boundaries in the Middle East which currently contribute to the conflicts.

The journalist Paweł Sulik also asked Ziyad Raoof about his opinion about aversion to Islam and immigrants from the Middle East which escalate in the Europe, also in Poland. In this regard, Representative noted that a great damage to the perception of Islam has caused ISIS. He appealed to Europeans to realize that the Middle East has also tolerant and peaceful face, as in Kurdistan.

TOK FM journalist also spoke with Ziyad Raoof about his youth in Kurdistan, the circumstances of arrival to Poland, the similarities in the history of the Polish nation and the Kurdish and literature of both countries.

We invite you to listen to the whole broadcast which is available here.