The meeting at a club of journalists “Pod Gruszką”

On Wednesday, May the 13th Ziyad Raoof, the Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Poland, took part in a meeting at the club of journalist “Pod Gruszką,” in Krakow.

The meeting was devoted to the situation in the Middle East and Kurdistan, especially in the context of the war against the Islamic State, the situation of refugees in Kurdistan and the fate of Christians in this region.

The Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to Poland made the introduction to the meeting. He told about the history of the Kurds, the circumstances of the Kurdistan Regional Government creation and he also presented the most important information about the Kurdistan Region and the current situation there and in Iraq.

In the next part of the meeting, three Polish journalists Maciej Grabysa, Witold Gadowski and Michal Krol- spoke about their visit to the Kurdistan Region in late March and early April this year.  They  currently prepare the first Polish documentary film dedicated to the Islamic State and persecutions of Christians carried by it. The journalists told about their conversations and meetings in Kurdistan, praised the bravery of Peshmergas and the care that Christians get from the Kurds.

After the speech of the journalists an interesting discussion about the future of Kurdistan,  its possible declaration of independence, as well as the reasons for the birth and rise of the Islamic State took place.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting at the journalists club attracted a lot of people. The hall was tightly filled, about 80 people came. Among the guests there were journalists, representatives of science, and the people interested in the situation in Kurdistan and the Middle East.

(Photos by Jan Lorek)