Newroz celebration in Krakow

On March 18, Newroz was celebrated in Cracow. This is one of the two Kurdish New Year celebrations organized by the KRG Representation in Poland, due to the special ties between the Kurdistan Region and Małopolska Region- the official cooperation agreement, as well as many years of educational and economic cooperation and support from Małopolska for refugees in Kurdistan. Main Newroz celebrations took place in Warsaw.

In celebrations in Krakow took part more than 200 guests- representatives of state authorities (members of parliament and senate, deputy governor of Malopolska), regional authorities (deputy marshal of Malopolska Region, deputy Marshal of Swietokrzyskie Region), diplomatic corps, representatives of army, academic circles (rectors and vice rectors of 5 universities), cultural and scientific institutions, journalists as well as Kurds from Poland.

The event started with the speech given by Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative to Poland. He began with explaining why March is especially significant in Kurdish history. It abounds in both joyful and sad anniversaries. KRG Representative also reminded about the sacrifice of Peshmerga fighting with ISIS on behalf of the whole civilized world and also about the great role of the Kurdistan Region in sheltering 1 800 000 refugees including the last wave of refugees from Mosul. While speaking about humanitarian crisis Ziyad Raoof thanked Polish humanitarian organizations and Polish people for their commitment in supporting refugees in Kurdistan.

Ziyad Raoof also spoke about getting more real prospect of Kurdish independence. Kurdistan Regional Government is holding intensive talks with Baghdad and international leaders. KRG Representative announced that the Polish representation would also like to remind this year that Kurdistan is a credible international partner and already has all the attributes of an independent state.

Another speech was given by Wojciech Kozak deputy marshal of the Malopolska Region. He stressed close ties that link Poles and Kurd especially when it comes to fight for freedom. He reminded that Poland also suffered age of partition but finally regained independence and wished Kurds the same. Wojciech Kozak’s speech ended with a special celebration. Ziyad Raoof was rewarded with the Malopolska Cross – the Golden Honorary Medal of the Małopolska Region. KRG Representative was rewarded for his long-term commitment to strengthening cooperation in various fields between Malopolska Region and Kurdistan Region, care of cultural heritage of Malopolska as well as involvement in many charity actions for example in favor of children’s hospitals. Ziyad Raoof was touched, thanked Malopolska Region authorities and declared that this is motivation for him for even more strenuous work.

A short speech was also given by the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Cracow – Consul General of Hungary Adrienne Kormendy. On behalf of the consuls, on the occasion of Newroz she wished all Kurds peace and prosperity.

After a series of speeches took place a cultural program. Guests watched the performance of the Kurdish dance team and later were invited to dinner, the dance party lasted until late night.