New-year meeting with Kurdish diaspora in headquarters of KRG Representation in Poland

On the occasion of the beginning of new year, Representation of Kurdistan Regional Government in Poland invited Kurdish diaspora to the special meeting. The event was attended by Kurds from the whole Poland and even from neighboring countries. Before the meeting those who were interested had a chance to participate in sightseeing of Palace of Culture and Science organized by KRG Representation. Guests were guided by doctor of cultural studies and they went up on the highest terrace in Warsaw with panoramic view on the capital of Poland.

Meeting in KRG office started with welcoming guests by KRG Representative Ziyad Raoof. He presented contemporary situation in Kurdistan, describing in details turbulent times after the referendum. He stressed the importance of looking on the new year with optimism and belief that all problems will be solved, because there has already appeared some optimistic signals in negotiations with Baghdad. Ziyad Raoof wished all the guests prosperity in new year and he wished many students who attended the meeting successes in learning and worthy representing Kurdistan in Polish academic life. Newcomers had a chance to exchange contacts and share with the other Kurds experiences about living and studying in Poland. Ziyad Raoof emphasized that KRG Representation and its staff is always ready to help and support Kurdish diaspora in Poland. At the end of the meeting guests were invited to Kurdish lunch.

KRG Representation in Poland a few times a year organize meeting with Kurdish diaspora so as to integrate it and encourage to regular visits in KRG office and participating in events organized by it.