New Year meeting and photo exhibition in KRG Office

On Wednesday 24, as every January, KRG Representative Ziyad Raoof organized new-year meeting in Headquarters of KRG Representation in Poland. The event was attended by representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, politicians, journalists, academic circles as well as members of charity and non-governmental organizations.

The meetings started with welcoming guests, new year wishes and the speech given by Ziyad Raoof. He began it with an analysis of the events of the last months and the current situation in Kurdistan. He emphasized that referendum on September 25 was democratic and peaceful expression of desire of independence by Iraqi Kurds, which met with unjustified aggression of Iraqi and Shia militia supported by neighbouring countries.

KRG Representative evoked statistics of victims among Kurds in Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu. He appealed for humanitarian aid because in Kurdistan there are still 1 500 000 refugees including 150 000 new refugees from Kirkuk and the other invaded territories. In the destroyed Iraq there are no prospects for refugees for a quick return home, and although the Kurdistan Region will always leave an open door for those in need, their presence is a huge burden on the KRG budget.

Simultaneously, Ziyad Raoof reminded that currently Kurdistan Regional Government conduct diplomatic offensive, had a series of meetings with international leaders and restart dialogue with Baghdad. It is a sign of hope for peaceful solving of disputable issues with central government in accordance with Iraqi constitution.

Ziyad Raoof also paid a lot of attention to the situation in Afrin. He pointed out that it is another situation in latest months when international community praise and support Kurds until they are helpful ally efficiently combating terrorists, but now it turns a blind eye on brutal attack on Afrin.

Finally, Ziyad Raoof reminded of the most important activities of the KRG Office last year and mentioned plans for the new year. He emphasized the readiness of the KRG Office to cooperate with all institutions, non-governmental organizations and the media.

After the speech KRG Representative invited guests to backstage talks, Kurdish snack and to see for the first time in Warsaw photo exhibitions of “Kurdistan and its colours” by Nimat Shahab and other Kurdish photographers.