New book with Ziyad Raoof’ essay

A new book has just appeared on the publishing market in Poland: “Universal and Regional Systems of the Protection of Human Rights 70 Years after Proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”- composite work under the editorship of Jerzy Jaskiernia and Kamil Spryszak.

Ziyad Raoof is the author of the essay entitled: “The activities of the Iraqi authorities, army and paramilitary organizations in the last decade – violation of the Iraqi constitution with special regard to the rights of Kurds”. Text was written on the basis of the speech given on April 2018 at the conference about human rights that took place in Polish parliament. Kurdistan Region was newly affected by incidents in the aftermath of independence referendum in 2017: invasion of Iraqi army and Shia militia as well as sanctions violating the constitution imposed on the Kurdistan Region. In the text, Ziyad Raoof analyzed the founding problems of the Iraqi state and proved that violating the constitution has been a problem for years affecting the country, in particular, it intensified during the rule of Prime Minister Maliki. Next, Ziyad Raoof described in detail the practices of breaking the constitutional laws of Kurds, specifying what particular articles of the Constitution were broken. In the last part of the essay, KRG Representative also emphasized that the problem is not only for Kurds, but also for Christians or women.

Since the post of Prime Minister of Iraq has been taken by Adil Abdul Mahdi, relations between Erbil-Baghdad have been significantly warmed up, because the head of the Iraqi government shows a genuine will to return to the constitution. However, a significant part of the problems described by Ziyad Raoof in his text remain valid.

This is another book published under the editorship of Jerzy Jaskiernia and Kamil Spryszaka as a result of annual human rights conference. Ziyad Raoof’ essays were also published in the books from 2018 (“Anfal as a crime under international law aimed at annihilation of Kurdish nation”) and 2017 (“Kurdistan Region as an exceptional example of guaranteeing the rights of ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East”). 

The book by „Adam Marszałek” publishing house is now available for sale in selected bookstores and online: