New book with Ziyad Raoof’ article about Anfal

In Poland has just come out the book “New challenges and solutions in system of universal protection of human rights” edited by prof. Jerzy Jaskiernia and dr Kamil Spryszak. Ziyad Raoof is one of the authors of this composite work. His essay is entitled: “Anfal as a crime under international law aimed at annihilation of Kurdish nation”.

Ziyad Raoof presents in this article reasons and the course of so-called operation Anfal, explain why it should be defined from the point of international law as genocide, what actions were taken to punish perpetrators, popularize knowledge about crime and how the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government Office in Poland are striving to cultivate the memory of the crime of Anfal and her victims

The essay is based on the speech of KRG Representative in Poland during the international conference “Systems of Protection of Human Rights in Europe and in Australia & Oceania

Universal’s Context – Regional’s Specific – Implementations’ Conditioning”, which took place in Warsaw on April 24-25, 2017.

The book is available in the biggest Polish libraries, bookstores and the online store of Adam Marszałek publishing house. We invite you to read.