New book about Kurdistan with Ziyad Raoof’ text

“Independent Kurdistan. Challenges for the stabilization of the region and the world”- this is new book by Waldemar Dziak and Małgorzata Rudź, published by Institute of Political Studies of Polish Academy of Sciences.

The book includes annexes prepared in cooperation with Representation of Kurdistan Regional Government in Poland. There is Ziyad Raoof’ text entitled “political situation in Kurdistan after independence referendum” as well as reprints of legal expertises by Prof. Ireneusz Kamiński published by Ziyad Raoof in 2016:with the aim of popularizing the truth about those act of genocide. Expertises were presented to Polish politicians and MPs during the campaign aimed at recognizing by Polish parliament those crimes as a genocide. The book also includes draft of the constitution of Kurdistan, Kurdistan Investment Law and selection of articles of Iraqi constitution warranting privileges of Kurdistan Region.

The book contains information on the history and current situation in all parts of Kurdistan, the Kurdish political mosaic, the attitude of the most important players on the international arena to the Kurdish question and the role of Kurds in the fight against ISIS. The publication is also an attempt to answer the question about the chances of the Kurdish nation on independence.

Ziyad Raoof’ text is one of the first essays on Polish publishing market analyzing latest affairs in Kurdistan Region, from independence referendum, through invasion on Kurdistan, to restart of dialogue and thaw in Erbil-Baghdad relation.

The book is available in selected bookstore and on-line: