Netherlands Defence Minister reiterates her country’s support to Kurdistan Region

On the 14th of May Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani received Dutch Minister of Defence, Jeanne Hennis and her accompanying delegation.

Ms. Hennis expressed her satisfaction with the progress of the training of Peshmerga forces by military experts from Netherlands and coalition forces.

She stressed on the efficient role played by the Peshmerga forces in protecting Kurdistan territories against terrorism. She said that Netherlands considers the Islamic State terrorist organisation, ISIS, as not only a threat to Kurdistan Region, but to the security of the entire world.

She pointed out that her country will continue its support to the Peshmerga forces to help them to eradicate ISIS threat, as it did as part of the coalition forces since the emergence of ISIS threat against the Region.

Ms. Hennis also expressed her appreciation to the Kurdistan Region for providing shelters and assistance to a significant number of refugees and displaced people who fled terrorists’ threats and sought safety in Kurdistan Region.

Prime Minister Barzani thanked Minister Hennis for her visit and valuable stance towards Kurdistan Region and Peshmerga forces.

He expressed the gratitude of Kurdistan people and government to the international community in general, and Netherland’s people and government in particular who since the emergence of ISIS threat have assisted Kurdistan Region.

He stated that despite the fact that vast territories of Kurdistan Region have been recaptured and ISIS has started to decline, the terrorist organisation’s threat is far from being eradicated. Therefore, military and humanitarian assistance to Kurdistan Region need to be continued.

Prime Minister Barzani expressed his appreciation for the training of Peshmerga forces by Dutch military commanders and experts, hoping that the training programme will continue as it plays significant role in raising Peshmerga forces capabilities in the battlefield. google twitter

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