Meeting in Warsaw library about Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan under the patronage of KRG Poland

In the public library in Warsaw took place the event organized by Scientific Club of arabist students from the University of Warsaw about Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan- past and present.   The event was under honorary patronage of KRG Representation in Poland as well as Iraqi Embassy in Poland. 

The event that took place to packed audience was opened by the speech given by Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative in Poland. He started with short introduction of the history of Kurdish nation, later he talked about the present situation in the region emphasizing the fact that Kurdistan Region is rare example of harmonic ethno-religious mosaic in the Middle East. KRG Representative encouraged to visit Kurdistan Region which is calm and attractive place for tourists. 

In the next part of the event three arabist students from the University of Warsaw had three lectures: about Iraqi monuments from UNESCO lists, about Iraqi music and the third one was about history, culture, cuisine and everyday life in Kurdistan Region. Spectators had also a chance to see two short movies: about Iraq and about Kurdish dance and music.