Lecture and meeting with authorities of the University of Wroclaw

On May 30, KRG Representative in Poland Ziyad Raoof was invited to the University of Wroclaw to give a lecture and meet with university authorities.

Ziyad Raoof’ speech entitled „Kurdistan Region and its role in the Middle East” was given at the Institute of International Studies of the University of Wroclaw at the presence of university authorities, academic staff, student council and students.

During the lecture KRG Representative familiarized audience with history of Kurdistan in 20th century, contemporary history of Kurdistan Region and its powers included in the Iraqi constitution. He spoke about the ISIS invasion, the humanitarian crisis, the independence referendum, the attack on Kurdistan in 2017 and also about thaw between Erbil and Baghdad. At the same time, he reminded what are still unsolved problems in mutual relations. He also presented arguments proving the extremely important role of the Kurdistan Region in the Middle East. At the end he answered student questions.

After the lecture Ziyad Raoof was invited to the lunch with authorities of Wroclaw University.