Meeting with Kurdish students on the occasion of new academic year

On the occasion of the new academic year, the Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Poland invited all Kurdish students at Polish universities for a meeting.

The meeting hosted by Ziyad Raoof the KRG Representative Office in Poland was attended by dozens of students. Also the distinguished representatives of the Kurdish diaspora in Poland from all parts of Kurdistan (including Mr Ali Ghafour- 54 years in Poland, one of the most experienced Kurdish activists abroad, and Dr Fadhil Saied – well known doctor from Warsaw) came as well as Ms Rezan from the Embassy of Iraq in Poland.

During the opening speech Ziyad Raoof thanked everyone for coming. He presented the current situation in Kurdistan Region and appealed to students that by their attitude and educational efforts to proudly represent Kurdistan at their universities. He reminded that many Kurds who completed their studies in Poland found an interesting job. Ziyad Raoof stressed that the KRG Office in Poland is always willing to help and advice Kurdish students.

Then, Mr. Ali Ghafour spoke about his arrival in Poland and his activity for Kurdish matters since early 60s. He stressed that currently Kurdish students have much more opportunities to study abroad. Later, the invited guests discussed the various aspects of living and studying in Poland.

After the official part the refreshments were served.

The meeting was a great occasion for Kurds to talk to KRG Representative in Poland and get to know the Kurdish representation in Poland. And also a chance to meet each other and exchange the contacts.