Kurdish documentary was shown at the Kraków Film Festiwal

On May 30 and June 2 in the Małopolska Garden of Art were held screenings of the Kurdish documentary “Laboratory no 2” within the frame of Krakow Film Festiwal. The documentary by Aware Omer and Idris Abdi took part in short film competition.

Aware Omer personally attended two screenings, one of the session was also attended on-line by Idris Abdi. There were also present KRG Representative in Poland Ziyad Raoof, a group of Kurds and Polish friends of Kurdish affairs.

At the end of his stay in Poland, Aware Omer paid a visit to the headquarters of the Kurdish Information and Documentation Center, where he met KRG Representative Ziyad Raoof and the director of the Krakow Film Festival, Krzysztof Gierat. The director thanked KRG Representative in Poland and Kurdish diaspora in Kraków for help during stay in Poland.