Kornel Morawiecki- MP and Senior Marshal of Polish parliament supported independent Kurdistan at the press conference

Warsaw, September 12- during the press conference in Polish parliament Kornel Morawiecki- Senior Marshal of Polish parliament, MP, chairman of Free and Solidary political party, expressed support for referendum and independency of Kurdistan.

Kornel Morawiecki spoke about key role of Kurds in fight against terrorism and radicalism, support given to refugees and successfully working model of peaceful coexistence between different religious and ethnic groups which is very needed now in the Middle East.

Along with Kornel Morawiecki Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative to Poland also took part in press conference. He added that after hundred years of difficult and tragic experiences of Kurds’ existence within Iraq, we have learned that it is not possible to continue functioning in Iraq, where the constitution and all political agreements on joint rule are constantly violated. Consequently, Kurds are striving for creating independent state that can be a factor stabilizing Middle East and a place of peaceful coexistence of different religious and ethnic groups. Ziyad Raoof informed journalists about independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan and stressed that after positive outcome of voting Iraqi Kurds want to declare independence peacefully, in dialogue with government in Baghdad, neighbors and international community.

After the press conference Ziyad Raoof spoke in parliament with a few MPs and senators from different political parties appealing to support Kurdish aspirations.

Press conference in Polish parliament was a part of intensive political and media campaign conducting before the referendum by KRG Representative in Poland. Ziyad Raoof had a few meetings with MPs and chairman’s of Polish parties, he lobbied in favor of Kurdistan during the Economic Forum and gave a series of TV and press interviews. The campaign will continue in the coming days.