In 29th anniversary of chemical attack on Halabja and the day of commemorating Anfal victims, KRG Representative Ziyad Raoof submitted petition into recognition of Polish parliament Anfal as a genocide.

Submitting petition in Polish parliament into recognition of Anfal as a genocide, announcement series of meetings with Polish MPs as well as special seminar devoted to Halabja and Anfal, that way KRG office in Poland celebrated 29th anniversary of chemical attack on Halabja and commemorated victims of Anfal.

KRG Representative in Poland submitted the petition at the headquarters of the Polish parliament. There has been also attached expertise “Legal qualification of the Anfal Operation” written by professor Ireneusz Kaminski- the famous expert of the international law. He precisely proved that according to the international law, action of Iraqi authorities during Anfal  beyond any doubt featured of a genocide.

Ziyad Raoof has already announced that after submitting petition there will be a new series of MPs representing each political party in Polish parliament. The first talks on the issue had already been carried out in the autumn of last year. Another meeting will take place on 18 and 21 March during Newroz celebrations. Many MPs have already announced their presence.

The same day in the headquarter of KRG Representation to Poland was held special seminar about the crime in Halabja. Kurdish Phd student at Polish universities- Rebaz Jalal and Haval Hussein- gave a lecture and prepared multimedia presentation entitled “How to rember events in Halabja?”. Then they invited guests to the discussion.

Popołudniu tego samego dnia w siedzibie Przedstawicielstwa Rządu Regionalnego Kurdystanu w Polsce odbyło się specjalne seminarium na temat zbrodni w Halabja. Kurdyjscy doktoranci na polskich uniwersytetach- Rebaz Jalal i Haval Hussein- przygotowali wykład i multimedialną prezentację zatytułowaną „jak należy pamiętać o wydarzeniach w Halabdży?”, a następnie zaprosili gości do dyskusji.

Polish media informed and commented on submitting petition by KRG Representative.