German Bundestag delegation visits DFR

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – A delegation from the German Bundestag yesterday visited the KRG Department of Foreign Relations to discuss refugee crisis and challenges facing the Kurdistan Region. The delegation included members of Bundestag Mr Gerold Reichenbach, Mr Thorsten Hoffmann and Ms Ursula Jelpke.

Commenting on the challenges facing the Kurdistan Region, Mr. Reichenbach stated that the Kurdistan Region leadership has been very wise in tackling the humanitarian and security difficulties facing the region, the efforts of KRG at both humanitarian and military levels are very admirable.

Minister Falah Mustafa briefed the Bundestag delegation on the ongoing fight against ISIS terrorists, socioeconomic impacts of Syrian refugees and Iraqi displaced people on Kurdistan Region, the state of economy and Erbil-Baghdad ties.

Referring to the refugee crisis, Minister Mustafa stressed that the solution to the Europe’s refugee crisis lies in the Middle East. He added that more has to be done by the international community to restore regional stability and security and to address the root causes of the mass migration.

Minister Mustafa highly spoke of the solidarity of the government and the people of Germany with the Kurdistan Region and valued the existing relationship between both sides.