Evacuation of a group of Kurds from Poland to Erbil

KRG Representation in Poland and KRG Department of Foreign Relations successfully organized evacuation for a group of Kurdistan Region citizens who got stranded in Poland due to the coronavirus restrictions. Since the beginning of the lockdown in Poland KRG Representation has been gathering information from Kurds in Poland waiting for return to Kurdistan Region. On May 21, in another return flight to Erbil from Frankfurt organized by KRG authorities there were prepared a place also for Kurds from Poland.

KRG Representation in Poland got a group together, organized a bus transfer from Warsaw and prepared with Iraqi Embassy in Poland documents facilitating route to the airport in Frankfurt.

Passengers has returned to Erbil safely. After compulsory quarantine they are going to reunite with their families and to return to work.

Special thanks for cooperation to KRG DFR and Iraqi Embassy in Poland.