An interview for a documentary with 3 students from Kurdistan.

On Sunday, February the 22nd a film crew which prepares the documentary “N as the Nazarenes,” about the life of Christians in the Middle East, led by the director Maciej Grabysa, filmed interviews with the Christian students from Kurdistan: Maryam, Fadi and Rawand. The interview was filmed in front of the cameras in the office of the Kurdish Center for Information and Documentation, which provides the support of the documentary project.


A conference about the citadel in Erbil

On Tuesday, February the 17th a scientific conference about the Citadel in Erbil took place at the Center for Interpretation of Monuments  which belongs to the Museum of the City of Warsaw. The history and archeology researchers, students and representatives of museums in Warsaw as well as the representatives of the Iraqi embassy in Poland attended this conference.