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Hussein Alqaidi, head of Kidnapped Yazidi Rescue Office, awarded Polish Sergio Vieira De Mello Prize

Villa Decius Association has just announced winners of seventeenth edition of Polish Sergio De Mello Prize. The award is given for persons and organization deserved in activity in support of protection and promotion of human rights, and peaceful coexistence and cooperation of societies, religions and cultures. In the category “person” the winner is Hussein Alqaidi. 


Statement by the KRG Representative in Poland on the 6th anniversary of Yazidi Genocide

On August 3, 2014 terrorists from so called Islamic State invaded Kurdistan Region and took over Shingal beginning genocide of Yazidis. According to United Nations statistics 5,000 people were murdered. However, total number of the victims is unknown, as mass graves are still being discovered. According to statistics by Kidnapped Yazidis Rescue Office operating in Duhok, 6417 Yazidis were abducted.


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Exhibition of Kurdish painter Bahram Hajou

On June 23 in Krakow, KRG Representation in Poland together with Krakow Chapter of Association of Polish Artists and Designers organized a vernissage of the “Dialogue” exhibition by famous Kurdish painter Bahram Hajou. He is from Rojava, now living and working in Germany.


Evacuation of a group of Kurds from Poland to Erbil

KRG Representation in Poland and KRG Department of Foreign Relations successfully organized evacuation for a group of Kurdistan Region citizens who got stranded in Poland due to the coronavirus restrictions. Since the beginning of the lockdown in Poland KRG Representation has been gathering information from Kurds in Poland waiting for return to Kurdistan Region. On May 21, in another return flight to Erbil from Frankfurt organized by KRG authorities there were prepared a place also for Kurds from Poland. (more…)