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55 Polish NGOs appealed to Polish authorities to stop military clashes and humanitarian catastrophe in Kurdistan

55 biggest Polish NGOs associated in platform „Grupa Zagranica” [„the Foreign Grup”] issued special appeal to Polish authorities and public opinion „to take immediate action to prevent escalation of military conflict and humanitarian catastrophe in Kurdistan Region”. The appeal has been sent to Prime Minister of Poland, Speakers of lower house and upper house of Polish parliament as well as politicians and journalists.


Barzani Charity Foundation awarded Sergio de Mello prize

In those turbulent days for Kurdistan, happy message came from Poland. Today, during the ceremony in Krakow, Barzani Charity Foundation became laureate of the Polish Prize of Sérgio Vieira de Mello, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The Laureates received a diploma, a statuette of Sergio Vieira de Mello as well as financial prize founded by sponsors.


Ziyad Raoof’s statement about attack on Kirkuk

Warszawa, October 16, 2017

Ladies and gentleman,

Yesterday night Iraqi army along with shia militias attacked Kirkuk. This attack stands in serious contradiction with provisions of Iraqi constitution, until now so eagerly defended by authorities in Baghdad. It poses a great threat to the unique religious-ethnic mosaic of Kirkuk.


KRG delegation at the Economic Forum in Krynica

Delegation of Kurdistan Regional Government headed by Dr Ali Sindi Minister of Planning accompanied by Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative to Poland took part in international Economic Forum. It is one of the biggest and the most important political-economic conference in Europe.