KRG Poland News

Lubelskie Region is open to cooperation with Kurdistan Region

On September 29, KRG Representative in Poland met in Lublin with Jarosław Stawiarski- marshal of Lubelskie Region. During the meeting, the possibilities of economic, scientific and cultural cooperation were discussed. Jarosław Stawiarski emphasized that he would be happy to host Kurdistani delegations at fairs, economic events and cultural festivals taking place in the Lubelskie Region, and he is also interested in participating in similar events in Kurdistan. Ziyad Raoof noted that the two regions had similarities, like cherishing multicultural heritage, and the key role of the agricultural sector in the economy.


KRG Representative in Poland took part in International Asian Congress

Ziyad Raoof the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Poland was invited and took part in Asian Congress, 8th edition of that event was held on September 22-23 in Toruń. At this conference, the diplomatic corps, representatives of politics, business and academic community discussed the situation in Asia. This year’s edition was entitled: “Boundaries of the Politics: Reality, Strategies, Perspectives”.


Ziyad Raoof awarded with a title „Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism 2020”

On June 25, at the award gala in Krakow Ziyad Raoof was granted with a title “Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism 2020”. The award was established in 2018 by the City Council of Krakow with the aim of supporting activities and initiatives promoting cultural, ethnic, religious diversity and the integration of Krakow residents and foreign environments. It is awarded to persons or entities acting for intercultural dialogue in Krakow. Winners are chosen by an independent chapter headed by Chairman of the city council of Krakow. 


Meeting with KRG Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

During the visit in Kurdistan Region, Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative in Poland had a meeting in Erbil with Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir – KRG minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Ziyad Raoof and Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir discussed Polish-Kurdish scientific cooperation and relations between universities from Poland and Kurdistan Region. They also spoke about list of Polish universities recognized by the ministry. 


Meeting with KRG Minister of Education

Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative in Poland met with KRG Minister of Education Alan Hama Saeed, the topics discussed included, among others, Polish-Kurdish cooperation on the reform of vocational education in Kurdistan Region and scholarship programmes, which Kurdish students can benefit from. 


Ziyad Raoof participated in „Kurdish Diplomacy Week”

On April 12-18, the Representation of the Kurdistan Regional Government in France organized the “Kurdish Diplomacy Week”, on-line talks were held for 7 days with representatives of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations and foreign KRG representatives. On-line meetings were divided into two parts – the first was a live broadcast interview, and the second was a closed webinar for people who previously registered through the KRG France office website.