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Ziyad Raoof speaks with Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda

On Thursday, September 1, Ziyad Raoof, KRG Representative in Poland spoke with Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda during the inauguration of a new academic year at the Jagiellonian University. President Duda, who is a graduate and former lecturer of this university, gave inaugural speech at the opening ceremony. Ziyad Raoof during the conversation thanked President Duda for bringing up the issue of a difficult situation of Yezidi and Christians minorities in the Middle East at the United Nations General Assembly in New York; and for appeal for international community involvement.


President of Poland Andrzej Duda reminded at the United Nations Forum on difficult fate of Yezidi.

During the 70th anniversary session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York Andrzej Duda the President of Poland gave an occasional speech. He reminded about the most important problems of the contemporary world. He focused also on Middle-East issues. He emphasized that “we can not forget about the hard fate of Yezidi community” and also Christians in the Middle-East. As a President of Poland he appealed to the international community to take action with the aim of protecting religious minorities. (more…)

KRG representation in Poland participated in the 7th Congress of Women

The office of the KRG representation in Poland took an active part in the latest edition of the conference, Congress of Women, held in Warsaw (11-12 September). The emphasis was put on presenting dramatic situation of Yezidi women, kidnapped and detained by ISIS terrorists, and the tragic fate of the entire Yezidi community and other refugees after the attack of ISIS. (more…)

Ziyad Raoof and Polish deputy minister of foreign affairs declared during the meeting further development of Polish-Kurdish cooperation

At the invitation of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ziyad Raoof the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to Poland met in the headquarter of the ministry with Artur Nowak-Far, Undersecretary of State for Legal Treaty and Consular Affairs in the rank of deputy minister. In the meeting also took part professor Paweł Czubik- international law expert.


KRG Representative to Poland took part in traditional harvest festival “Dożynki”

Along with the end of harvest period in Poland came time for “Dożynki”. This traditional harvest festival is a ceremony summarizing collected agricultural crops. On Sunday,  August 23 in Krzeszowice near Krakow, “Dożynki” of the District of Krakow took place. Ziyad Raoof had been also invited and took part in the event as a Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government to Poland.


Kurdish and Polish tennis federations start to cooperate

Regardless of the many difficulties that affected Kurdistan Region in recent months, the efforts to develop further areas of Polish-Kurdish cooperation continue. On Tuesday, August 25, 2015 thanks to the support of KRG Office in Poland Dr Abdulkarim Karim, who is in charge of international cooperation in Erbil Tennis Federation (the biggest and the oldest tennis association in Kurdistan Region) met with Janusz Saletra, the head of the Malopolska Region Tennis Federation.


The new Polish Consul in Erbil met in Warsaw with KRG Representative Ziyad Raoof

Since the beginning of September the new Polish Consul in Erbil, Konrad Adamowicz will take office. Before departure to Kurdistan, he met in the KRG Office in Warsaw with Ziyad Raoof.

During the meeting they discussed the future directions of bilateral cooperation between Poland and Kurdistan, and they summarized previous years of cooperation.. Mr Adamowicz will be responsible not only for visas matters but also for the economic and cultural affairs.