KRG Poland News

Opening of the exhibition “Middle East and North Africa in the lens of Witold Rajkowski. Exhibition of photographs from the 1930s to 1950s. “

On March 27 in Central Public Library of Malopolska Region in Krakow took place opening of the exhibition of pictures form 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. by Witold Rajkowski- Polish scientist, traveler and diplomat. He was also expert in Kurdish issues therefore a significant part of the exhibition are photographs from Kurdistan.

The event was organized under the patronage of KRG Representation in Poland (along with Section of Kurdish Studies at the Jagiellonian University) which also prepared refreshments. KRG Ziyad Raoof was also present at the vernissage.

Opening of the exhibition was attended by scientists, Kurds from Krakow and Malopolska Region and many other guests interested in Kurdish culture and history. Ziyad Raoof along with Przemysław Kosowski- main organizer and originator of the exhibition- decided that the pictures soon will be presented also in Warsaw.

Ziyad Raoof met with Jerzy Buzek

On March 26, KRG Representative in Poland Ziyad Raoof met with Jerzy Buzek- former Prime Minister of Poland, former Chairman of European Parliament, currently member of European Parliament and Chair of Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.
Jerzy Buzek asked narrowly about situation in the Middle East and in Kurdistan. Ziyad Raoof precisely described development of relations between Erbil and Baghdad in recent months.


New Year meeting and photo exhibition in KRG Office

On Wednesday 24, as every January, KRG Representative Ziyad Raoof organized new-year meeting in Headquarters of KRG Representation in Poland. The event was attended by representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, politicians, journalists, academic circles as well as members of charity and non-governmental organizations.


New-year meeting with Kurdish diaspora in headquarters of KRG Representation in Poland

On the occasion of the beginning of new year, Representation of Kurdistan Regional Government in Poland invited Kurdish diaspora to the special meeting. The event was attended by Kurds from the whole Poland and even from neighboring countries. Before the meeting those who were interested had a chance to participate in sightseeing of Palace of Culture and Science organized by KRG Representation. Guests were guided by doctor of cultural studies and they went up on the highest terrace in Warsaw with panoramic view on the capital of Poland.


Ziyad Raoof at the meeting and discussion about Kurdistan at the University of Warsaw

On Tuesday, 12 December Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative to Poland was guest of the meeting at the University of Warsaw organized by student association “Academic Observatory Atena”. The event held in the “old library” of the University of Warsaw was attended by several dozen of participants: students, representatives of academic circles and the other guests interested in Kurdish issues.


Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative to Poland- statement on omitting the role of Peshmerga in Iraqi Prime Minister’s speech after defeating ISIS

Ladies and Gentleman,


After taking by Iraqi forces the last ISIS positions, on Saturday 9 December prime minister Haider al-Abadi delivered the special “victory speech”. Prime minister listed all armed groups that contributed to victory and congratulated them. However, he did not mentioned nary a word about Peshmerga. There is no doubt that it was deliberate, provocative act.