Anfal as a crime under international law- Ziyad Raoof’s lecture at the international conference about human rights.

On April 24-25 in Warsaw, in the seat of Polish parliament, took place 9th edition of conference about human rights, this year’s conference was entitled: “Systems of Protection of Human Rights in Europe and in Australia & Oceania. Universal’s Context – Regional’s Specific – Implementations’ Conditioning”.

It is one of the largest such conferences in Poland, attended by several dozen scientists and human rights defenders, including many representatives of the foreign academic circles. Ziyad Raoof- KRG Representative to Poland- was one of participants of the event. Within the frame of discussion panel “Mechanism of the Protection of Human Rights in Political Systems and International Standards” he gave a lecture entitled “Anfal as a crime under international law aimed at annihilation of Kurdish nation”.

KRG Representative started his speech with introducing listeners to the situation of Kurds in 20th century: hopes for independence after the first world war, the partition of Kurdistan and difficult live as a part of Iraq. Then Ziyad Raoof presented the course of Anfal operation and its tragic consequences. In the key part of the lecture he explained why action of Iraqi army during Anfal  beyond any doubt featured of a genocide. According to the clarified for decades interpretation of international law, The act qualified as a genocide has to be committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. Operation Anfal fully comply with this definition.

In the last part of the lecture Ziyad Raoof described steps taken by Kurdistan Regional Government with the aim of international recognition of genocide as well as initiatives done by KRG Poland in favor of popularizing the truth about crime commited on Kurdish nation.

Ziyad Raoof’s lecture met with a great interest. After it, Ziyad Raoof answered a number of questions about the details of the Anfal operation, the situation in the Middle East and the Kurdistan Region, including prospects for Kurdish Independence.