A Statement from the Head of the DFR on Refugee Crisis

The war and violence in Syria and Iraq have had significant impacts in different ways and across borders. The Kurdistan Region, despite limited resources, has provided shelter and basic humanitarian needs for approximately 1.8 million refugees from Syria and internally displaced people (IDP) from Iraq.  The presence of Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs in our region has stretched education, health care, and other services to the limit. The crisis has not only influenced the region, but has further developed across continents. An overwhelming number of refugees are crossing borders under dire circumstances.

The world is experiencing its worst refugee crisis in generations due to the inability of the international community to find a solution to the Syria crisis and other regional conflicts. Lasting conflicts, violence and instability in the Middle East have contributed severely to the refugee crisis. More needs to be done by members of international community to address the root causes of problems in the Middle East.

We urge the United Nations Security Council to take serious actions to restore peace and stability in the Region. Restoring security and stability in the Region is the only solution to the refugee crisis, otherwise the wave of refugees will continue and it will remain a threat to international peace and security. The United Nations Security Council and the European Union, in cooperation with the regional countries have a shared responsibility to act urgently and decisively to find lasting solutions to the conflicts ravaging the Middle East and to determine the way forward. The most effective way is to tackle the crisis at its root causes; this will be the only way to achieve long-term solutions and to prevent further deterioration of the situation.

Neighboring countries of Syria are paying a hefty price for international community’s inaction. If military means can’t provide solution to the crisis in Syria, there must be concerted efforts to solve the crisis through political and diplomatic means, as the crisis has developed from a regional issue to be a global crisis. The cost of inaction in Syria will continue to mount. The time to act is now.