A conference about the citadel in Erbil

On Tuesday, February the 17th a scientific conference about the Citadel in Erbil took place at the Center for Interpretation of Monuments  which belongs to the Museum of the City of Warsaw. The history and archeology researchers, students and representatives of museums in Warsaw as well as the representatives of the Iraqi embassy in Poland attended this conference.

The conference consisted of two parts. During the first of them, Ali Abbas Alibadi, a PhD student at the Department of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, talked about the history of the Citadel from antiquity to the present time. He also spoke about the etymology of the name of Erbil.

During the second part of the conference Rebaz Jalal, a PhD student of Economics at the Warsaw University SGGW , an associate of the Office of the KRG Representative to Poland spoke. He told about the Kurdish tourism sector, the revitalization of the local sights, architecture of Erbil citadel and its entry on the UNESCO World Heritage List. His speech was enriched with maps and photographs from different centuries.

Rebaz Jalal also mentioned solicitous Citadel revitalization led by the High Commission for Erbil Citadel Revitalization. In this context, he also mentioned about the last year’s initiative of the Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Poland, who organized a lecture of the HCECR Director Dara al-Yaqoobi and a photo exhibition of the Erbil Citadel in Krakow.

 At the end of the conference the participants asked Rebaz about the safety in Kurdistan and the possibility for archaeologists to work in Erbil and other archaeological sites of Kurdistan. Rebaz Jalal reminded people that despite the offensive of ISIS the Kurdistan Region is safe and it also tries to provide care to hundreds of thousands of refugees from the region who seek shelter from terrorists.

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